9. How to define Lao identity?

Ever since I arrived in Laos almost one month ago, I have tried to give an answer to the question of what it takes to be Lao. How to define Lao identity? In fact, Laos is undoubtedly the most unknown country of Southeast Asia. Before cycling into Laos coming from Cambodia, the mystery to me... Continue Reading →

8. The Day that Had it All

Sometimes, it's great when nothing happens. Admittedly, it probably means I am having a boring time, but also a relaxing one as I don't need to write anything consistent online or in my journal. I enjoy feeling up to date on my social media 🙂 Some other days, on the contrary, are full of adventures... Continue Reading →

7. My first mountain tale

This is how it happened : The first short but tough challenge came on the second morning after leaving Vientiane. I knew I had to overcome a 2 km steep slope for breakfast. I made it, "of course", am I now tempted to say, having overcome bigger guys since then. Right before getting to it... Continue Reading →

5. A raid at the market

It was 3pm on the clock already, and it had been a productive day despite not having given decent food to my body. Due to my recurrent illness, I have become reluctant to eat. In fact, I hardly trust the food anymore. Coincidentally, I have recently developed a growing interest for fasting as a means... Continue Reading →

4. Blowin’ in the wind

Riding on the national highway n°13 up to capital city Vientiane is said to be quite boring. Based on this feedback, I haven't been expecting a lot of entertainment, let alone sightseeings. Indeed, even temples, which in my experience appear to be generally regarded as priorities, often seem modest or just only under construction. This... Continue Reading →

3. In a second state

>FRANCOPHONES : Passez directement au français plus bas! My third day in Laos has probably been the hardest of them all. For a start, the countryside noodle soups made me feel unwell. To make it even worse, the bumpy village tracks turned my weaked belly upside down. To cap it all, it was, or course,... Continue Reading →


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