3. Move on your Bicycle!

Gilles had gone. The scenic road to Riyadh was behind me. Considering I had my visa for Sudan, I could cycle to Jeddah and from there take a ferry to Sudan. Solving this visa uncertainty was in fact tremendous news! Had it been denied, I would have cycled north to Jordan, Israel, Egypt, then Sudan.... Continue Reading →

2. Les Champs Elysées

That's how Saudis call their main road, les Champs Élysées. I don't remember seeing terrific architectural arches, but our stay in this buzzing 5m people city was extraordinary. Gilles and I overnighted at different places, but did many activities together. Firstly, we met Saleh on Warmshowers. Warmshowers hosts in Saudi Arabia are not used to... Continue Reading →

1. Road to Riyadh

It's been a long day on the saddle. My arms and legs are stretched out, lying flat on the slope of a sand dune. My head is leaning to the right against the hard surface. Although not ideal, this position is the best I've found to release muscular tensions in my neck. My eyes are... Continue Reading →

The UAE : Wasta wasta!

No, no, forget it! Wasta Wasta is not the remake of Shakira's world cup song “Waka Waka”. Quite the opposite, for that matter. In fact, this time is not for Africa. This time is for the UAE, aka the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, Wasta is important. As a matter of fact, Wasta is... Continue Reading →

4. The Persian Gulf

Iran has given me a real treat so far : holy sites, hot deserts and cold mountains, just to name a few.It's amazing how Iran can offer you any of temperatures. During winter, you could experience -25°C in the northwest of Iran while the beach boys are enjoying a delightful 25°C at the southern coast.... Continue Reading →

3. Digging deeper

Taking you back for a second to where I left you : I had just been granted a new 30-day allowance in Iran. Good, it was time to leave Esfahan city. The timing seemed to fit perfectly with the remaining land that I ambitioned to cover in Iran. Why is that so ? Oh, yes,... Continue Reading →

2. Crossing Dasht-e Kavir

Iran is a dry country. Only the northern part, south of the Caspian sea, is green and fertile. Because the clouds hit the mountains in this northern area, they can't progress further down south. As a result, the central northern part of Iran is wet and fertile while the rest is very dry. My next... Continue Reading →

1. Portrait of society

Broken physically by the turkmen race, yet fascinated by what was coming next. This time, I had to pinch myself hard to realise : Waw, I'm in Iran... Iran, Iran... You were so intense, hardly allowing me any time for myself. Which is why already three months after entering, your section on my blog is... Continue Reading →


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