4. Iskander Kul attitude !

Staying in Dushanbe for a week was more than necessary. In the capital, you can find parks and a couple of interesting places if you want, that's true. However, I couldn't find any open pedestrian street with good vibes where you would fancy an evening walk. Street performers and the feeling you can talk to... Continue Reading →

3. Northern route To Dushanbe

There are two roads leading you to Dushanbe. First you have the new south road, slightly longer but in a perfect state. I did not take that one. I went for the the northern route instead : the old crappy challenging one with a new pass to climb. Reaching a pass, you generally see a... Continue Reading →

2. Afghanistan

Wait, what? Well, yes, Afghanistan. But before you call me stupid and unconscious, let me explain! As soon as you reach the end of Bartang valley, you end up in small town called Rushon. Nothing much is going on there. Except it was the right moment to have a beer and soviet ice cream (milk... Continue Reading →


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