9. Desert contest : Australia vs China

For the second time in my adventure, I rode through the desert, here in Xinjiang and northwest Gansu. Which experience was the best? Would I recommend Australia or China? Based on a 8 important criterias , I have just made up a magazine test to compare riding in both areas during spring time. As the... Continue Reading →

21. Australia for breakfast

I just ate Australia for breakfast and after two months cycling it is time for goodbyes. I am very excited about the idea of setting foot and tyre for the first time of my life in Asia. However, finishing Australia on a high like I just did obviously leaves me with a pinching feeling in... Continue Reading →

20. Driving the Mystery Machine!

My epic adventure in Australia ended as brillantly as it had started : roadtripping with my Aussie friend Chloe. On this occasion however, we hired Scooby doo's van, meaning we were cooler than the hippiest hipsters in the country ! We visited Kakadu, Katherine gorge and Litchfield, which are the Top End's most incredible national parks. Kakadu... Continue Reading →

18. Darwin Baby!

Decembre 1st, approximately 6pm and I finally let myself be overwhelmed by strong euphoria while posing under the "Charles Darwin" sign! I am very glad to now say I made through the guts of Australia despite all the challenges! From Alice to Darwin, I had no choice but to face strong head wind almost every... Continue Reading →

17. Tropical forests :)

On this afternoon of 28th Novembre, I am currently confortably sitting in the chair of Katherine's library until the heat is done suffocating people. In just 10 days after leaving Alice Springs, I have turned my quick unprecedented pace as a habit, which I am very happy about. I keep breaking my daily record quite... Continue Reading →

15. Eating the goanna

The other day, while resting at a pick-nick table for the hot afternoon, I met an aboriginal family. They had stopped on their way south because they had caught three goannas and they wanted to cook them. They invited me to have a look at how they did it. That gave me the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

14. Francis Back-on!

After spending a hectic week in Alice Springs, I am finally ready to hit the road on two wheels! Even though I spent most of my time trying to find to solve my equipement issues, I really had a blast here. In my experience, Alice Springs is a cosmopolitan laid back kind of town. Mind... Continue Reading →

13. Francis Hitchhike-on

At Uluru, I met Craig and his lovely family who gave me a lift to the junction leading to King's Canyon. I enjoyed riding through the charming liddle hills so much on that day. However, when I woke up the next morning, my front tyre was flat for no apparent reason. For the first time,... Continue Reading →

12. Stepover at Uluṟu (video)

The Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park is one of the most iconic natural parks in Australia. It is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. The Uluru rock is sacred to the aboriginal people of the area. According to them, the rock is a place to listen to,... Continue Reading →

10. People on the way

Soon, it became widespread on a stretch of many hundreds of kilometers that there was an adventurer referred to as the « Belgian cyclist » on the remote tracks. Most of the time, I crossed enough cars to help me out in case of trouble. However, with the summer months coming, the busy holiday period... Continue Reading →


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