“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single pedal stroke.” (adjusted quote, originally by Lao Tzu)

This cute little quotation being used as introduction, let’s move on to what makes most people scratch their heads when I tell them I want to cycle from Australia to Belgium:

“Awesome! Wait… Isn’t Australia an isolated piece of land, kind of floating in the middle of the ocean?”

Once you realise I too had geography classes, then it’s the right time to confuse you : “Yes, I’m going for a pedal boat ride to Asia until somebody comes to the rescue.”

While I’m confident with the fact mankind has ever produced some reckless explorers who could be dead serious about pedalling through stormy seas, this is not my case. I’m so terrible at swimming I could drown in a public pool anyway. (Hey, see, mom and dad? I know my strengths and weaknessess, so trust me!). Seriously, only my bikepacking dreams have been swimming in my head for the last couple of years.

People often ask me : Why are you doing this to yourself ?

I generally reply I have a burning desire to sense an unprecedented feeling of “Freedom”. And also, that I want to enjoy the power and beauty of my youth. Because several decades from now, I will only be able to fantasize about my current physical capabilities. Don’t take them for granted!

I expect to maintain a constant Love & Hate relationship with my heavy bike. After all, cycling had always appeared dull to me. Until two years ago, a bicycle was nothing more than a handy tool to move from one place to another. The proof is I have already forgotten three bikes at my local train station. Needless to say, I never saw them back. I like to think they are somehow enjoying a happy new life abroad!

However, things are different now. I’ve decided to make a short-time life partner out of my bike. Whether this adventure actually fits my personality still needs to be figured out. In any case, as much as I know I will miss my close ones, I am completely at peace with my decision to go. In fact, I don’t mind suffering from loneliness and physical pain as long as I don’t have to carry the weight of regret. And by regret, I mean not giving myself the tiniest of chances to fulfil my – special – dream.

This is why I am completely determined to take the road on two wheels.

And I’m excited to see what happens next 🙂

Cheers !

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  1. See you soon in Adelaide. There are some really good parts riding north. I am not sure what the wind direction is now. in May it would normally be a tail wind. That’s when I rode north with a friend.


  2. Não é sobre chegar no topo do mundo e saber que venceu
    É sobre escalar e sentir que o caminho te fortaleceu
    É sobre ser abrigo e também ter morada em outros corações
    E assim ter amigos contigo em todas as situações

    Miss you! S2

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  3. Hi Mr Borderline !!

    Je te souhaite du courage et plein des bonnes choses.
    I knew that you were special and i’m glad you did it and you choose your Freedom.
    Geniet ervan My Friend, you belong to the 5 pourcent of the world population and i’m glad i know you !
    Si jamais tu accostes à Oostende ou à Kinshasa , tu connais l’adresse innit !

    You’ve made a Clever Choice !
    Cheers Mate !


    1. Heeee Jojoo! Tu n’imagines pas comme ca me fait plaisir de te lire ! Thank you for your kind words. I really hope we can catch up someday anywhere!
      Et bien entendu, je serai prudent sur la route afin de ne pas me faire écrabouiller 😀


  4. Hi,My friend。
    I finally see your home page, which makes me very happy, your article is very good. Your last fifteen days in China, I hope you will be unforgettable. This memory will be left to us, may recall a lifetime. It’s beautiful. I suddenly became very emotional. I think we know destiny takes a hand. Thank God we met.
    Finally, I wish you a smooth journey home safely!
    Do you remember your Chinese name?


    1. It is such a good surprise to see your appearance on my website despite internet restrictions!
      Thanks to you and your friends, I have a positive image of Xinjiang! I must confess it had been a long time since I have felt emotional by saying goodbye to someone on my road!
      I will try to write my Chinese name, but how would your prononce it? Haha
      Wo aï nee !


      1. 福满多is Fumando
        Yesterday was may 20th. there was a new Festival in China. 520 means I love you. Ha ha ha


  5. Content de voir des signes de vies par ici. J’étais un peu inquiet d’un coup🙂 je t’envoie plein de pensées positives Francis et bon courage pour la route à encore parcourir !!


    1. Moi aussi je suis content de te voir sur le blog 😀 publication de mes derniers articles sur la Chine cette semaine, et mon retour sur fb sera pour un de ces quatre quand j aura le courage d affronter deux mois de notifs :p


  6. Remembering meeting you way back in October 2017 at that water-hole in outback South Australia 🙂 Great to see that you are still pedalling. May good fortune go with you all the way to your Belgian home.


    1. Waaoouuuwww that sounds like a lifetime ago already 😀 it’s good to see you here!! Good fortune is generally by my side and when it’s not, I cope with it. This makes me stronger and even more satisfied!!


  7. Waiting for some news from Africa, we haven’t got much since you’ve been secretive !
    Tell me your opinion about congolese’s pundu !
    Kisses from you home country !
    See ya


    1. Hi Dear beloved Alice 😋 no pundu for me as I can’t get a visa for RDC. Not the good time to visit anyway, especially coming from the east due to Ebola outbreaks and rebel groups leading the show.. 😳


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